Which is safer Cancun or Jamaica?

Travelers often find themselves weighing the safety of their destinations, and a common query is: “Which is safer, Cancun or Jamaica?”

Which is safer Cancun or Jamaica?

This article aims to provide a thorough comparison of safety in these two popular vacation spots, drawing from various data sources and travel advisories.

Cancun: Safety Overview

Cancun, a renowned tourist destination in Mexico, is known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. But, how safe is travel to Cancun? Generally, Cancun is considered safe, especially in tourist areas. The city has invested heavily in tourism safety, implementing strict security measures to protect its visitors.


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Safety Measures in Cancun

  • Increased police presence in tourist zones.
  • Regular safety inspections at resorts.
  • Emergency response systems in place for tourists.

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Jamaica: Safety Overview

Jamaica, with its rich culture and breathtaking landscapes, is another top choice for travelers. However, is Jamaica as safe as Cancun? While Jamaica offers many secure tourist resorts, certain areas in the country face challenges with crime, urging travelers to be cautious.


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Safety Measures in Jamaica

  • Designated safe zones for tourists.
  • Resort security and private security services.
  • Collaboration with international agencies for improved safety standards.

Comparative Safety: Cancun vs Jamaica

When comparing Cancun and Jamaica, it’s crucial to consider various factors such as crime rates, tourist-targeted crimes, and overall travel advisories. Cancun generally reports lower crime rates in tourist areas compared to some parts of Jamaica. However, both destinations require travelers to be aware and take standard travel precautions.

How to Stay Safe in Cancun, Mexico

  • Stick to well-known tourist areas.
  • Avoid isolated areas, especially at night.
  • Use authorized transportation services.

Ensuring Safety in Jamaica

  • Stay within resort areas and recommended tourist spots.
  • Be cautious when exploring outside tourist zones.
  • Follow local advice and travel warnings.

Is Cancun a Safe Place Today?

The safety in Cancun has seen continuous improvement over the years. With government and local businesses prioritizing tourist safety, Cancun today stands as a relatively safe destination for travelers.

Current Safety in Jamaica

Jamaica, while facing its own safety challenges, has made significant efforts to enhance tourist safety. The establishment of tourist police and improved security in resorts are steps towards ensuring a safer travel experience.


In the debate of “Which is safer Cancun or Jamaica,” it’s evident that both destinations have their merits and challenges. Cancun tends to edge out with higher safety ratings, especially in areas frequented by tourists. However, the key to a safe vacation in either destination lies in being informed, vigilant, and following local guidelines. As always, checking the latest travel advisories and taking standard safety precautions can make your trip safer and more enjoyable, regardless of whether you choose Cancun or Jamaica.