How to get from Cancun to Costa Mujeres

How to get from Cancun to Costa Mujeres?

Well, this question is a bit tricky. Why? Because it doesn't specify whether you're asking about getting there from the Cancun airport, from downtown Cancun, or from the Cancun Hotel Zone.

But don't panic. Remember, that's what we're here for, and right now, we're going to tell you everything you need to know to get to Costa Mujeres from any of the three aforementioned places.


But first, let's clarify some points and frequently asked questions, shall we?

How to get from Cancun to Costa Mujeres

Point 1: The best way to get to Costa Mujeres and any of its hotels is by using a private transfer service. This service is customizable, private, fast, and safe. So, if you want to make your vacation days in Costa Mujeres as hassle-free as possible, don't hesitate to book your private transfer right away.

Point 2: If you're wondering which airport is closest to Costa Mujeres, the answer is Cancun Airport.

Point 3: Yes, UBER is available in Cancun, however, it is not "openly" available in some areas. This means it cannot "go to the airport" to pick up passengers but can do so in downtown Cancun or the Hotel Zone.

Point 4: There is NO public transportation service from Cancun Airport to Costa Mujeres.

Point 5: The ADO bus service will only drop you off in downtown Cancun (ADO Terminal).

Alright, now that we've cleared up these points, it's time to tell you the best ways to get to Costa Mujeres.

Getting to Costa Mujeres from the Airport Cancun

Getting to Costa Mujeres from the Airport Cancun

Airport is the most popular starting point for those looking to reach Costa Mujeres. It's the largest airport in the Riviera Maya and the busiest. It's natural to start here. So, what are our options?

Private Transfer

The safest, fastest option, which can be booked and paid for online, is the private transfer service. It's the best choice if you want your transport waiting for you upon arrival in Cancun. You'll find security, satisfaction, and professionalism by booking this transportation service.


If you didn't book a private transfer, there's no real need to worry. Outside Cancun Airport, you can find several taxis. Just join the line for about 15 minutes, board the taxi, and you'll be on your way to Costa Mujeres. However, note that taxis can usually accommodate up to 4 passengers. If your group is larger, you'll need to use two or more vehicles.

Car Rental

Last but not least: private car services, referring here to car rentals. While navigating the streets of Cancun to reach Costa Mujeres is not complicated, renting a car gives you the competitive advantage of saving a lot of money on trips from Costa Mujeres to the Riviera Maya.

Getting to Costa Mujeres from Downtown Cancun

Getting to Costa Mujeres from Downtown Cancun

Are you in downtown Cancun? Well, things here are a bit simpler since you have more options:

Public Transport

From downtown Cancun, there are a few (but existing) public transport services that can take you to Costa Mujeres. You'll need to locate the intersection of Tulum Avenue and Portillo Avenue and find the stop where buses or vans depart to Costa Mujeres.


The first option requires finding the bus stop, but this one does not. From anywhere in the city, simply signal, and a taxi will stop for you. Check that it's in good condition, ask for the price to your destination, and if the price changes, go ahead: board it and enjoy your trip to Costa Mujeres.


Yes, you can request an Uber from downtown Cancun. Just open the app and request an Uber to Costa Mujeres.

Private Transport

Private transport is also an option for getting to Costa Mujeres, listed last here due to its cost. It might be more economical to take it from the airport than from downtown, but it remains a viable, professional, and safe transportation alternative.

Getting to Costa Mujeres from the Hotel Zone

Our last potential starting point from which you might want to go to Costa Mujeres is the Cancun Hotel Zone. What options do we have from here? Let's summarize the post.

A private transport service is among the best alternatives. Being private and fully licensed, it can access the hotel zone.

Similarly, you can find taxi services outside the hotels. They might be more expensive than a private transfer, but to each their own, right?

The next alternative is public transport. In this case, a bus that takes you to downtown Cancun, from where you can take a taxi or find the intersection of Tulum Avenue and Portillo Avenue to catch a bus or van towards Costa Mujeres.

Uber? No, Uber can drop off passengers in the hotel zone but cannot pick up. So, we'll discard this option.

Transportation Options to Costa Mujeres Comparative Table

Transportation Method Starting Point Estimated Cost Comfort Level Travel Time Notes
Private Transfer Airport, Downtown, Hotel Zone High Very High Fast Advance booking required. Ideal for groups or travelers seeking convenience.
Taxi Airport, Downtown, Hotel Zone Medium-High High Fast Flexible, but can be costly for large groups.
Car Rental Airport Variable High Flexible Cost depends on the vehicle. Offers freedom of movement.
Public Transport Downtown Low Low Moderate Most economical option. Requires knowledge of routes.
Uber Downtown Medium High Fast Limited availability in some areas.


When planning your journey from Cancun to Costa Mujeres, it's crucial to weigh the balance between cost, comfort, and flexibility. For those prioritizing ease and a hassle-free service, private transfers offer a stress-free experience with vehicles waiting for you upon arrival. Taxis provide a flexible and quick option, suitable for last-minute decisions, though they may be more expensive for larger groups.

Car rental is perfect for those seeking adventure on their terms, offering the greatest flexibility but requires comfort with navigating the area. For budget-conscious travelers, public transport is the most economical choice, though it is less convenient and requires more planning. Finally, Uber presents a modern and comfortable alternative in downtown Cancun, though its availability may be restricted. Consider these options to select the one that best suits your needs and budget, ensuring a pleasant arrival in Costa Mujeres.

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