How far is Costa Mujeres from Cancun airport

How far is Costa Mujeres from Cancun airport?

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Cancun International Airport, the closest airport to Costa Mujeres, is located 27.2 km away. As mentioned before, this airport is the closest airport to Costa Mujeres and is therefore the starting point for countless travelers looking to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of Costa Mujeres.

The distance is short, right? But that doesn't mean we should be complacent. First, we have to leave Cancun airport, then navigate through the city and along its main avenues that connect to other destinations, including Costa Mujeres.

Therefore, the time it can take for private transportation services to Costa Mujeres can be up to 40 minutes. It all depends on traffic, the time of day, weather conditions, and even if there is road maintenance work.

Another point we have not mentioned is that Costa Mujeres is part of Isla Mujeres and therefore is located in what's called a "continental zone". As such, it is connected by land to the city of Cancun, but not being part of it, there are no public transportation services (at least from the airport) that can help you travel these 27.2 km of distance.

Of course, you could take an ADO bus from Cancun airport, which costs an average of 100 MXN. This bus would take you to downtown Cancun, and from downtown Cancun, you could take a cab or public transportation to Costa Mujeres.

However, consider that you will have to wait about 30 minutes at Cancun airport to board the ADO bus, then the time it might take to get to downtown Cancun, and from downtown, the time it would take to catch a cab or bus and get to Costa Mujeres.

While it is a strategic and economical way to reach Costa Mujeres from the airport, it is not recommended because of the lengthy travel time involved.

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