Can you take an Uber from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen

Can you take an Uber from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen?

No, you currently cannot take an Uber directly from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen. Although Uber operates in Cancun, its use at the airport is prohibited due to strong opposition and regulations imposed by local taxi unions. This situation has led to conflicts, and it is not recommended to attempt using Uber at the airport to avoid potential inconveniences or risks.

Alternative Transportation Options

Private Transfers

One of the best alternatives is to book a private transfer. These services are safer, more comfortable, and take you directly to your destination without intermediate stops. They often include benefits such as flight monitoring and personalized attention. Prices for private transfers start around $83 USD.

Shared Shuttle

Shared shuttles are another viable and more economical option, especially if you are traveling alone or as a couple. They offer door-to-door service but may take longer as they make multiple stops to drop off other passengers at their respective destinations.


For those looking for the most economical option, the ADO bus is an excellent alternative. Buses regularly depart from the airport and take you to downtown Playa del Carmen for around $11 USD (230 MXN). However, you should consider that once you arrive at the bus station, you will need to take a taxi or walk to your final destination.


While Uber is not available at Cancun Airport, there are several transportation alternatives you can consider depending on your budget and comfort needs. Private transfers are recommended for their convenience and safety, while shared shuttles and the ADO bus are more economical options.